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Easter-striped washcloths

strukturklutThese are a couple Easter-coloured washcloths. Mindless knitting, but a bit more fun with stripes, and a good way to use up leftover  yarn. Just lots of loose edges to weave in! Accra is in the short rainy season, so it is not too hot and quite pleasant to knit some weekends on the balcony.


Oxford Street in Accra: taxis, street vendors, billboards, banks: I have never seen a yarn shop here, though. Maybe some Chinese acrylic yarn in the markets, but my stash from Rome is holding up well so far.

Project 3 (2018): Easter-striped washcloths
Pattern: Sukkertøyklut from Silacruz
Yarn: Drops Loves You 5, 100% cotton, 50gr = 75 metres (110 cream, 125 mint green)
Yarn: Drops Paris, 100% cotton, 50gr = 75 metres.   (pale yellow 35)
Yarn purchased: online in Italy
Colours: Drops Loves You 5: 110 cream, 125 mint green, Drops Paris pale yellow 35
Difficulty for me: easy
Needles: circular needles size 4 mm
Stitches: 45
Knitted where: home in Accra
Final size: 22×24 each
Final weight: 52-53 gr each

From Silacruz: “Jeg la opp 51 masker med offwhite, og strikket *3 rett, 1 rett 1 vrang 1 rett* tilbake. (Gjenta fra * til* til tre masker gjenstår). Jeg avsluttet med 3 rett.”  

I used 45 stitches: *knit 3, knit 1, purl 1, knit 1*, repeat  * to *, and end with knit 3. Four rows of yellow, alternating with two rows of green and white. Use whatever colours you like. I made two, as a gift set.




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