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Green-striped washcloths: Husmor Marias kopptue

husmor Marias kopptue

Eid Mubarak! Yes, that was yesterday, but I am enjoying the long weekend. It was a public holiday here in Ghana. I am packing for an upcoming trip, starting a couple travel knitting projects (more dishcloths) rather than finishing the WIPs in my knitting basket. A few projects did get finished last year: These are the classic Norwegian Husmor Marias kopptue, also on Ravelry.

Project 4 (2017): Green-striped washcloths: Husmor Marias kopptue
Pattern: Husmor Marias kopptue
Yarn: Drops Loves You 5, 100% cotton, 50gr = 75 metres (110 cream, 125 mint green)
Yarn: Drops Paris, 100% cotton, 50gr = 75 metres.   (pale yellow 35)
Yarn purchased: online in Italy
Colours: Drops Loves You 5: 110 cream, 125 mint green, Drops Paris pale yellow 35
Difficulty for me: easy
Needles: circular needles size 4 mm
Stitches: 45
Knitted where: home in Accra
Final size: 22×24 each
Final weight: 52-53 gr each

I alternated stripes after each six rows of green.

In Norwegian: “Husmor Marias kopptue: Legg opp 49m på pinner 4.
1. Strikk 3r,1vr,3r,1vr osv avslutt med 1r. snu
2. strikk 3r,1vr,3r,1vr osv avslutt med 1r. snu
Fortsett slik til garnet er brukt opp.
Nå har du fått ei god og tykk tue, som er strikket helt lik på begge sider.”



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