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Seeing progress

Selje dishcloth in progress
I am knitting a dishcloth in Selje (Goat Willow) by Bitta Mikkelborg. This week I have actually made some progress, I am so pleased! It is a gorgeous sunny September afternoon here in Rome, and I am home again after going to the market to get plants to revive the balcony boxes. Of course, I was tempted into also buying fresh walnuts, new shiny chestnuts and hazelnuts…… Mmmmmm, roast chestnuts tonight with red wine, I think. I am so looking forward to fall. Then I went off to cat-sit. I recently bartered catsitting for a sewing machine, which is super for me. With various boxes of fabric stashes away, I would like to start sewing again.

The cat in question was not this cat, who was snoozing in the shade, but Dolly, the elderly cat of a friend. Dolly is in her last weeks, but fortunately not in pain, and quite happy so far, so I fed and combed her, before knitting for a bit to keep her company. Sitting there reflectively combing and petting the fragile purring cat was rather nice, it was a simple thing to make her happy. I will look after her next weekend as well. I like cats, but do not want one at home, so catsitting is something I enjoy.

I am knitting a dishcloth in Selje (Goat Willow) by Bitta Mikkelborg. See, actual progress made the last three days! I have gone down to 2.5 needles this time, and the pattern is more visible. I was hoping to have some nicer dishcloths ready for Christmas gifts, but at this rate it might be Christmas 2015…..