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Lacy Baktus #1 in turquoise, black and purple

lacy baktus in drops delightI had heard about Baktus scarves, but never actually tried knitting one. They are great — flexible for the amount of yarn you have, for various yarn types, and they are so simple to knit! That does not mean I did not miscount a few times, which meant some wonky edges, but that is much improved after a wash. Definitely will be knitting more of these!

Project 16 (2015): Lacy Baktus #1 in turquoise in and purple
Pattern: Lacy Baktus by Terhi, which is adapted from Baktus by Strikkelise
Yarn: Drops Delight (75% wool, 25% polyamid), 50gr = 175 metres.
Yarn purchased: online in Italy
Colours: 09, turquoise, purple and black
Difficulty for me: easy, but slow going
Needles: circular needles size 4 mm
Stitches: 4 ++
Knitted where: On morning commute, Rome, April-June 2015 and in London, May 2015
Final size: 118 long, 37 cm at widest
Final weight: 103 grammes

needle sizes for baktusI was debating which needle size to use, so knitted a sample with 3.5mm, 4.5mm and finally 4 mm. I wanted it fairly light, so made it a Lacy Baktus by Terhi, which is adapted from Baktus by Strikkelise. Only eight rows to keep track of, so good for knitting on the bus.

knitting Lacy BaktusDrops Delight is nice to knit with, and I love these colours. I had planned to give this to the friend for whom I made wristwarmers in Drops Delight, but shes does wear more reds – this might go to someone else, then I’ll knit on in reds and oranges for her.
knitting on the TubeHere I am knitting in London, on the Tube (the Piccadilly Line, to be precise) in May.

imageAnd here the well-traveled scarf is finally done, has just been gently washed, and is drying on the balcony with a view of old Garbatella. So nice to have finished something!

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Plum Bow-knit scarf

plum bowtie scarf When life seems chaotic, it is satisfying to have a knitting project go well. There are parallels to baking bread: seeing it develop, learning to trust and adjust where needed, and that you might just end up with something that someone else might also enjoy. This is a very, very early Christmas 2016 gift, for a friend moving to California in two months. I’ll gift-wrap this and the plum fingerless gloves, make sure it gets packed with her moving boxes, and she can open this in December.

Project 10 (2015): Plum Bow-knit scarf
Pattern: Bow-knit scarf by Katherine Burgess
Yarn: Drops Alaska, 100% wool
Yarn purchased: online in Italy
Colour: Dark plum, 53
Difficulty for me: easy
Needles: circular needles 4.5 mm
Starting stitches: 6
Knitted where: Rome March 2015
Final size: 13 cm wide at widest, 78 cm long  (10×40 cm for mid-section around neck)
Final weight: 70 grammes

I knitted a similar tuck-in scarf in blue, but was a bit challenged. This pattern Bow-knit scarf by Katherine Burgess was SO much easier to follow. I extended the mid-section for the neck from 30 to 40 cm, but I was really pleased to have gotten it right this time.

yarn I just ordered another pile of yarn online this week, and both orders arrived in about 38 hours. Amazing! There is a Drops sale on sock yarn, so now I am stocked up for the year. Not to knit socks, that is next year’s challenge. but to knit some lightweight scarves for gifts.

baktusThree different Baktus scarves being test-knitted.